Do you like Waffles ?

Happy Våffeldagen (Waffel Day) – March 25th

Liege waffle with strawberries and hot fudge.
Heat and eat some waffles with you coffee maker.


Yep, I took a little bite out of it.

You can heat up some waffles on  the burner of your coffee maker.

I got some Liege waffles from a local place called the Waffle Hut and put them in the freezer.
You can use any frozen waffles, but I also found some fresh in a pkg. at my local store and these would be great to send to you Soldier.
Thaw your waffles if they are frozen.
Put a piece of foil on your burner, put the waffle on to cook with a little lid over it.
Flip them over.
Cook time about 20 minutes.

They are so much better than those cooked in the microwave, they will be crispy on the outside and soft inside.

Top with anything you like.

I found some fresh waffles and I will post about them later, now I have to get back to farm chores. Spring on the farm is such a busy time for me.

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