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Oatmeal — Breakfast that taste like Dessert

The coffee maker is the perfect way to make oatmeal, at home or away.

We recommend that you cook your oats in a metal cup or bowl, the metal conducts the heat better so they will cook faster and you won’t have to clean your pot. For specific instructions on the 8 different types of oatmeal see

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Is that a little tiny pan? Yep, I’m a collector and now I collect tiny pans, fry pans, cups, bowls and any other metal container that will fit the burner of my coffee maker. But still some of my favorite cooking vessels are the Sierra cup and camp cup I started with, so use whatever you can find.  Oh, but don’t use those cute little cast iron fry pans, they take to much heat to get them hot and then the handle wicks it all away.

Be sure your cup or bowl fits flat on the burner and has a lid of some kind, almost any small lid will do, even if you have to turn it upside down so it covers well. In a pinch, just use foil. Covering with a lid is the most important thing you can do, it will raise the temperature 30-40 degrees.

For specific instructions on the 8 different types of oatmeal see
You will need to adjust the amounts on the chart to suite your preferences.
• Pour water into the reservoir.
• Put oats into a metal cup or bowl and put it on the burner.
• Turn on machine.
• When water is done dripping onto the oats, stir and cover with a lid.
• Stir occasionally.
• If your oatmeal is to thin, leave in on the burner for a few minutes with the lid off.
The cooking time for oats cooked with the coffee maker and oats cooked on top of the stove will be different.
1.    Stove top cooked oats will reach a boil more quickly.
2.    You will notice a big difference in some of the cooking times and the amounts of water, this is because the chart for coffee maker cooked oats is to my preference.

What’s your favorite oat and how do you like to top it?


Instant Oatmeal

Instant Oatmeal with Fruit and Nuts  
There is no reason breakfast can’t taste like dessert. See some of my favorite toppings listed below.

The coffee maker is the perfect way to make instant oatmeal, at home or away.
When I make instant oatmeal it never seems quite done if I just pour hot water in it. It just seems a little raw, so I make mine with a coffee maker in a metal bowl. I let the water drip onto the oatmeal, stir and let it set a few minutes on the burner. This really is a great way to finish it off and it turns out perfect.  Stir often, and don’t leave it on to long.

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  • Put 2 pkg instant oatmeal in a metal bowl or cup.
  • Put the bowl on the burner of the coffee maker.
  • Pour 1 cup of water in the reservoir.
  • Turn on the machine and let the water drip thru on to the oats.
  • Let the oats sit on the burner for a couple of minutes, be sure and stir often.


Pureed Fruit (Baby food adds a great flavor, it’s pure fruit with no aditives.)
* You can always keep some on hand.

Morning Trail Mix
* Dried fruits and nuts along with a little maple syrup.

Banana-Coconut-Oatmeal Pie
* Banana puree, shreaded or flaked coconut and maple syrup.