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Gourmet Soldier’s Clam Chowder

All Soldier’s Soups are made with canned and or dried ingredients. The ingredients can be shipped to your favorite soldier for cooking in a coffee maker. These soups are also great for college students living in dorms and office workers, that are tired of fast food and want a hardy lunch. And they make great Camp Food.

Gourmet Soldier’s Clam Chowder (Cooked in the Pot)

cook time 1 hour
makes two 16 oz servings

Bowl of Chowder

All the ingredients are easy to have on hand and would make great potato soup if you don’t have clams or don’t like them. And don’t forget about cheesy potato soup, maybe I should do a whole post just on that.

2 cans     (12-oz) evaporated milk
1 pkg      Hungry Jack hashbrown potatoes (these are dry in a carton)
1 pkg      fully cooked bacon (the refrigerate after opening kind)
1/2 tsp    dried onion granules
1 tbsp     butter (if you have it)
sprinkle  pepper
sprinkle  garlic
sprinkle  salt

1 can      (6.5-ounce) chopped clams in juice (two if you have them)

chowder ingredients

insulate the pot

  •     Wrap the coffee pot with a double layer of foil, do not cover the bottom.
  •     Take an 18 inch piece of foil, fold it in half lengthwise and wrap it around the pot.
  •     This will help raise the temperature of the contents in the pot.

foil pot foil lid

  • Add 2 cups of water to the reservoir, let it drip in to the pot to per-warm it.
  • Put a lid on your container, in this case put a double layer of foil over the top of the pot.
  • Get your ingredients ready.
  • Pour out the water. (never put a hot pot on a cold surface, put it on a pot holder or a towel)
  • Never use a metal spoon in your coffee pot. Always use a wooden or plastic spoon, the glass is delicate and you don’t want to break it.
  • Add all the ingredients except clams to the pot. Give it a stir. (wooden or plastic spoon)
  • Put the double layer of foil back on the top.
  • Put the pot on the burner and stir after about 10 minutes. (wooden or plastic spoon)
  • After about 30 minutes add clam juice, but don’t add the clams yet.
  • Add the clams right before you are ready to eat. (you don’t want to cook them to long or they will get rubbery)
  • Heat for 50 -60 minutes total.

Caution: Never put a hot pot on a cold surface, if you need to put it down not on the burner, put it on a hot pad or a towel.