Smores and Such

imagesCA87LZWJGraham Crackers: Chocolate Cookies, Ginger Snaps or whatever you have.

Marshmallows: large or small, Marshmallow Cream, or try Peeps, Bunnies and Chicks.

Chocolate Candy: any kind, Chocolate Bars, Chocolate¬† Chips, Chocolate Boxed Candies, Kisses, Caramels, Christmas Candy, Valentines Candy, Easter Candy, Ghirardelli Squares, Gummy Bears, Gummy Worms, Gum Drops, Chocolate Syrup, Carmel Syrup, M&M’s or what ever you have.

Build your treat in a paper cupcake cup. This will keep the gooey goodness contained. You can use a piece of foil or a piece of filter paper if you don’t have a paper cupcake cup.

Super heat the Sierra Cup
Pour some water into the coffee maker reservoir
Let it drip into the sierra cup
Pour it back thru again to super heat the cup
Pour out all but about 2 teaspoons of the water
Put the cup back on the burner with a lid (this in now your mini cooker)

Put the paper cup (with the treat) inside the tuna can
Put the tuna can in the sierra cup
Put the lid back on it and heat for 5 minutes

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