My Three Favorite Cooking Vessels

Camp Cup 1  Sierrra Cup 2   dog bowl .1

                                             Stainless Steel Sierra Cup, 12 oz.

Stainless Steel Cup, 16 oz.                                       Stainless Steel Bowl, 3 cups .

   When I first started cooking with my coffee maker I wasn’t sure if I could really cook anything at all with it. I was hoping to be able to make easy things like oatmeal, Ramen and mac and cheese and I didn’t want to have to wash the pot. I needed a different vessel to experiment with, and as I thought about what might fit on the burner, I remembered my trusty camp cups. Since I’d used my camp cups for cooking these very same things out camping, I figured they’d be perfect for the coffee maker. They had flat bottoms, and since metal is a better conductor of heat than glass, my food would heat up a little quicker in the cups than in the pot. As I experimented I found that if I put a lid on my metal cups not only would they heat up faster but I could raise the temperature by about 50 degrees. When cooking on an appliance that doesn’t put out much heat in the first place that can be substantial, it meant I could boil water, it’s more of a little simmer, but plenty of heat to cook anything.

     When I finally decided to try to bake cookies, I knew I needed some way to hold the heat in, so I would have to build a mini oven. My first try was with a 5 oz. tuna can to hold the cookie and my sierra cup to cover it and hold the heat in, it worked well until I started to bake other things where I used a larger 10 oz. tuna can. The sierra cup wasn’t large enough to cover the larger tuna can, so I rummaged around in my pantry and found a nice metal 3 cup bowl, it was perfect and became my 3rd favorite cooking vessel. With these 3 things I could cook almost anything. I only use the glass pot to cook larger quantities and bigger meals, like ribs, a Cornish game hen, chicken wings and even a corned beef. But that’s for another story. So if you want to bake cookies or hard boil a couple of eggs or even fry a steak, these are great cooking vessels to start with.  You should be able to find them in your local big box stores, try the camping section. If you can’t find them, I have provided links to them at Amazon.

Camp Cup, 16 oz. Hard boil an egg, heat soup, cook oat meal, ramen or mac & cheese.

Sierra Cup, 12 oz. A great little fry pan. Scramble or fry an egg or a hamburger. Also it’s a nice little bowl.

Bowl, 3 cups Turn it over and it makes a top for your mini oven. Try some cookies or maybe a mini coffee cake. I’ve even fried a steak in mine.

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