Pancakes with Blueberry Sauce

It’s National Pancake Day and I can’t think of a better way to celebrate it than cooking some pancakes with your coffee maker.

Pancakes are great anytime of the day or night and if you only have a coffee maker, no problem, you can cook your cakes and eat um too.

Pancake Stack

  • Use your favorite pancake mix or make it from scratch.
  • Cover the burner with non stick foil, oil it and turn on the machine.
  • Let it warm up while you mix up your batter, use what ever you like.

1 cup of mix makes about 6 pancakes.
Use a little less than ΒΌ cup batter per cake.

Cook until the bubbles stop forming and popping, then check for brownness, they will not get very brown unless you leave them on for a long time and by then the might be a little rubbery. Turn them over and cook for a couple more minutes.

Pancake Cooking

I use non-stick foil placed on the burner, smooth it out nicely, and put a little oil on it with a paper towel. I have a little pan that I use sometimes but it is faster with the foil on the burner. Sometimes I put a little lid over it to help it cook faster, it collects a lot of moisture so be sure to wipe it off between each pancake.

Blueberry Sauce
Blueberry Fruit Spread from a jar.
Water to thin.
Fresh blueberries if you have them.

Put the spread in a pan to warm on the burner, add a little water to thin, add some berries and heat till warm.

Pancakes Berries

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