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Mini Corn Dogs

National Corn Dog Day — Always the 3rd Sat. in March

You don’t have to be left out, you can cook some mini corn dogs with your coffee maker.

CornDog 0897

If you want to put some little sticks on them, you can try bamboo party forks, coffee stir sticks or even some chopsticks. I just cut them with my kitchen scissors. Thaw them in the refrigerator first.

Corn Dogs Sticks

Find a little pan and lightly oil it.

Corn Dogs Pan

To build a little mini oven, just put another pan on top.

Corn Dogs  Cooking

Turn them every few minutes till they are done. They won’t brown much but they will be crisper than if you put them in the microwave.

Q.  Can I heat a regular size corn dog with the coffee maker?
A.  Sure, just cut the stick off and you should be able to find a pan that it will fit in. Turn it
every  5 minutes or so. And don’t forget to defrost it first.