Basic Cooking Tools

Main Cooking Tools

Camp Cups and Sierra Cups with Lids.
These are your main tools and can be found with other sporting goods.

You may be able to find some cute little pots and pans with lids that will fit your burner.

Special note: Smaller coffee makers have smaller burners, and while larger coffee
makers have larger burners, some are larger than others. The shape of the maker itself
will also affect the size and shape of the vessel you can use. (see Burners, Size Counts)

The 3 most important criteria for selecting a cup or cooking vessel are:

1.    A cup or container with a flat bottom.
(This usually means metal because they are totally flat, you can not use a ceramic coffee
mug because it has a rim and is not flat)

2.    A cup or container that makes good direct contact with the burner.
(not to big around, it must have complete contact)

3.    Some kind of lid that completely covers the top.
(this is the tough one)
You may find some kind of a toy muffin pan that fits in and on top of your cup or container, be creative, but it must fit well to hold in the heat and steam.

Secret Note:
A Lid is very important to hold and raise the temperature and is one of the secrets to being successful when Cooking With Your Coffee Maker.

Good Luck!  You can try some foil until you find the right lid.

What cup should you use?  (Metal works really well)

Camp Cups are for heating and cooking most things.

Sierra Cups are for heating, poaching, frying, and baking.

Tuna Cans are for making deserts, they are placed inside a Sierra Cup with a lid. This
keeps them off the direct heat so they can cook longer without burning.

Foil is for making lids and lining pans to cook gooey things.
You can also cover the burner with it and warm tortillas.

Paper Cupcake Cups are for cooking gooey things.
Tools to experiment with.

Glass containers and Jar: be careful and use a hot pad, they will get very hot. Sometimes you can find some with handles, still be careful. Make sure they are Pyrex type and canning jar type containers.

Sm. Toy/Tea Party Size Pans: these aluminum pans can make good lids for your cups and  great containers for your deserts.

Be careful setting a hot glass container on a cold surface. Also be careful setting a cold glass container on a hot burner.

Totally Useless Tools

Ceramic Mugs are useless for cooking, they do not have a flat bottom and the rim does not make enough contact with the burner, so they will constantly loose heat, and never gain it. The ceramic it self absorbs so much of the heat from hot water poured into it that the temperature of the water lowers immediately.  With water coming from the coffee maker at 165 F, the temperature will drop a few degrees every few minutes until it starts to stabilize at about 160 F, but a metal cup with a flat bottom will gain in temperature up to 206 F.




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